Violence or Crime in Progress

    Do not interfere with:
    • Persons committing the crime/creating the disturbance
    • Law enforcement authorities on the scene

  2. If you are the victim of, are involved in, or witness any on-campus violation of the law such as an assault, robbery, theft, domestic violence, arson, hate crime, stalking, etc. that is in progress:

    Call UCI Police 9-1-1 or use a campus blue-light emergency phone IMMEDIATELY and provide the police dispatcher with the following information:
    • Nature of incident
    • Location of incident
    • Description of person(s) involved
    • Location of person(s) involved
    • If the person(s) left the scene, their direction of travel
    • What time the incident occurred
    • Your name, location, department, and extension number
  4. Get a good description of the suspect if personal safety allows. Note his/her height, weight, gender, race, approximate age, clothing, method and direction of travel, and name if known. This provides vital information to investigating police officers. Should a suspect attempt to or get away in a vehicle, bicycle, etc., note the make and model, license number (if possible), color, outstanding characteristics (bumper stickers, dents, scratches, broken windows), etc.
  5. Remain where you are until a police officer arrives.