Research and Lab Continuity

Thank you for taking part in the Continuity Planning process. A Continuity Plan will work to ensure our campus community can continue to operate, and can recover more effectually, in the case of a serious emergency or disaster.

Your Laboratory Business Continuity Plan:

  • Contains various information that will be needed during and after the disruptive event
  • Identifies your Laboratory’s most essential tasks/functions
  • Provides likely scenarios for you to anticipate how your Laboratory can prepare and carry out these tasks/functions under diminished resources

A Continuity Plan centers on each unit’s Essential Functions. An Essential Function (EF) is a task or service that either must be continued through a disruption, or restored as soon as possible in order to continue the critical functioning of the Laboratory and the University as a whole.

This worksheet is designed to establish a basic understanding of your Laboratory’s continuity-critical functions. Once you have completed the following questions to the best of your ability, please provide a copy of the document to your Laboratory head and the campus Continuity Specialist. It will serve as the basis of your Continuity Plan, and may be updated and added to as needed in the future.