Emergency Action Planning

The Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a way for your workplace to prepare and plan for a variety of emergency situations, e.g., medical emergencies, citywide disasters; power outages, hazardous chemical spills, fires, bomb threats, a civil disturbance, and earthquakes.

An Emergency Action Plan is required for each Administrative and Academic work space, and should be considered a part of every Department’s basic health and safety responsibility. EAPs may be developed for an entire floor or area occupied by multiple departments, divisions, units, or labs; or may be written for a single unit/lab worksite.

It is important for staff to read and understand their work site Emergency Action Plan BEFORE an emergency occurs. Managers should share safety information with faculty, staff, and students; brief all new personnel as they join the department; and POST copies of the Emergency Action Plan in accessible locations. Department Managers are responsible for the annual review and update of their Emergency Action Plan(s).

The Emergency Action Plan can be organized by worksite (office, lab), by Division or Department, and by floor or building. Collaboration between neighboring workspaces on the same floor to develop a single "Neighborhood" EAP is encouraged. Large departments occupying different locations may need individual plans for each facility they occupy.