• EVACUATE when:
    • A fire and/or life safety emergency occurs.
    • The fire alarm activates (audible and/or visual).
    • Notified to do so by emergency response personnel or Zone Crew members.
  • Be aware of all exits from your area and building. Know the routes from your work area.
  • When the fire alarm activates or you are told to leave, keep calm, WALK quickly to the nearest marked exit and ask others to do the same. DO NOT RUN.
  • DO NOT USE ELEVATORS unless directed to do so.
  • ASSIST persons with disabilities, access or functional needs if you are willing and able.
  • Notify Zone Crew or emergency personnel if you suspect someone may be trapped in the building.
  • Follow instructions given by Zone Crew members in red, yellow, or green vests or emergency personnel.
  • Once outside, move to your designated assembly area. Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.
  • DO NOT return to an evacuated building until an all clear message is given and you are directed to do so.


HAZARDOUS MATERIALS OPERATIONS and LABORATORY EVACUATIONS: If safe, perform the following before evacuating:

  • Shut down all hazardous operations including equipment and energy sources connected to hazardous materials.
  • Close all supplies of hazardous materials including compressed gas cylinders.
  • Make sure operations are left in a stable state.