Parents and Family Preparedness

Preparedness Checklist

  • Emphasize the importance of having an Emergency Supply Kit - lead by example and make or purchase one for your home.
  • Make an Emergency Plan with your children/family members.
  • Establish multiple methods by which you can contact your children (e.g. phone, email, social media, etc.).
  • Review the campus emergency procedures with your child.
  • Encourage your children to follow campus safety rules.

Your Role During an Emergency

  • Do not panic if you cannot reach your child. Following a large-scale emergency, cell phones do not usually work.
  • Use resources made available by UCI in order to obtain new, up-to-date, information.
    This will include the UCI website and UCI Police Facebook page.
  • Unless directed to do so, do not come to campus during an emergency as additional individuals and traffic on campus will inhibit response efforts.